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Stranton Primary School
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Stranton's Foundation Curriculum

To meet the requirements of the National Curriculum we deliver a topic based curriculum. Each topic is introduced through an exciting event or activity to motivate and enthuse our children. Through the topic, all subject areas are taught, ensuring the children acquire new knowledge and skills along the way. Links are made, where possible, to the children’s learning in English and Mathematics in order to provide them with meaningful contexts and purposeful opportunities to learn and apply their skills.    

Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which helps children to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes which fully prepare them for the next stage of their education and later life in modern Britain. 


Key Stage 1

Term One: Me, Myself and Superheroes 

Term Two: Long Ago and Far Away 

Term Three: I  London  


Lower Key Stage 2 

Term One: Roaming Romans 

Term Two: Around the World with Uncle Sam 

Term Three: Proud to be a 'Poolie' 


Upper Key Stage 2

Term One: A Queen and her Industrial Machine 

Term Two: The World at War 

Term Three: Natural Disasters and the Noughties 


To view a break down of each subject and the curriculum objectives taught please click the links below.

Year B Foundation Curriculum Map

KS1 Subject Content

KS2 Subject Content


To view our curriculum policy please click on the link below. 

Stranton Curriculum Policy