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Parent Partnership Award

What is the LPPA?

We are currently completing the Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA). The LPPA is a nationally recognised award that is approved by Ofsted. It is awarded to schools that offer excellent parental involvement.


Why are we completing the LPPA?

We are completing this award in order to assess the current level of parental engagement, recognise what works well and then look for ways to further develop links with parents and carers.


It can help to improve pupil attendance, punctuality, behaviour and progress through increased parental engagement in all aspects of school life.


Research has shown that by age seven a parent’s influence on their child’s learning is six times that of the school. By the age of eleven, a parent’s influence has further increased by one third.


It is therefore essential that we work together with parents to ensure the best possible results for every child because, at Stranton Primary School, we believe “Only the best is good enough!”.


How long will it take to complete the LPPA?

We have recently started the award and hope to complete it by the end of the academic year. In July 2017, an external assessor will come into school to determine if the criteria have been met. This award will last for 3 years before re-application must be submitted.


Who is involved with the LPPA?

All school staff will be involved in some role in achieving the LPPA. This award will be led within school by an LPPA working party. The LPPA working party members are:




Catherine Sengelow


Katie Gardner-Howard


Kayleigh Wilkin


Sue Henry

Deputy Head/SENDCo

Lorna Johnson

Parent Support Advisor

Sue Wilson

School Attendance Officer


There will be a LPPA Parent Group in order to gain parent voice. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact the school office.


If you have any comments/suggestions about our home/school links that you would like the LPPA parent group to share with school, please send an email to Sarah Parker, one of our parent governors, using the following email address.

Sarah Parker -


We will also ask the school council to offer their opinions on how involved their parents and carers are in school and to suggest how we can improve this further.


What are the criteria for achieving the award?


There are ten objectives that we must provide evidence to meet in order to achieve the LPPA. These are:


  1. The school demonstrates a commitment to work towards the Leading Parent Partnership Award.
  2. The school makes and implements effective plans to achieve and maintain the Leading Parent Partnership Award.
  3. The school is a welcoming place for parents.
  4. The school promotes an awareness of participation in lifelong learning opportunities available in school and in the community to all groups of parents.
  5. The school holds and actively promotes enrichment opportunities or events for joint parent/child participation.
  6. The school provides good induction for all new parents.
  7. The school provides parents with the relevant and user friendly guidance and information to help them support their learning.
  8. The school produces and implements parent-friendly policies to establish effective home school-links and improve pupil attendance, punctuality, behaviour and progress and positive participation in school.
  9. The school provides good support for transition for parents when their children leave school.
  10. The school evaluates performance against the Leading Parent Partnership Award.


What will the LPPA working party do?

The LPPA working party will meet each half term to review the progress made so far towards achieving the award and set targets for the forthcoming half term.


We will continue to implement strategies that are working well and make any necessary adjustments and improvements to develop stronger home-school links.


Throughout the year, changes will be introduced periodically and parents/carers will be informed and asked for their feedback so that we can evaluate how effective these have been and how to further improve provision.


We aim to involve as many parents/carers as possible since at Stranton Primary School we continually strive to improve in all areas.


How will information about the LPPA be shared?

Minutes from the meetings and any feedback will be shared via the school website. Parents will also be informed of any updates using SchoolCal and the weekly newsletters.


If you have any further questions, comments or suggestions on how we can improve our links with parents and carers, please email Miss Sengelow or Mr Nottingham using the following email addresses.

Miss Sengelow-

Mr Nottingham-

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