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Mike Smith Award

The Mike Smith Memorial Shield, was originally presented by Mrs Carol Smith in memory of her late husband Mike Smith - a former teacher here at Stranton Primary School.

The award is given out annually to  children who have attended Stranton School for their entire School life and demonstrated excellent behaviour and attitude to learning throughout.

Here is a list of the previous winners:

1985 Louise Foulger / Jason Lester

1986 Joanne Gavillet

1987 Glen Ward

1988 Carol Goldmsith / Natalie Lowes

1990 Tina Andrews / Samantha Jackson

1991 Claire Williamson

1992 Victoria Boaler

1994 David Gardiner / Lisa Lee

1996 Karen Adams / Michael Macklam

1998 Ben Crone

2000 Rachel Hogg / Gemma Watts

2001 Aaron Doyle

2002 Thomas Hesleton / Nichola Sneddon

2003 Rebecca Sneddon / Leon Usher

2004 Jonathon Payne / Amy Frost

2005 Jack Burgon / Chloe Mckie

2006 Hayley Clow / Ryan Lowery

2007 Lucy Briscoe / Jasmine Birch

2008 Jonathan Hunter / Liam Carling

2009 Rachel Frost / Kelly Teasdale

2010 Tegan Bratton / Gary Wiley

2011 Alice Stainsby / Cameron Ray

2012 Tayla East / Curtis Duke

2013 Emily Heselton / Adam Day

2014 Georgia Bassam / Luke Allen

2015 Ellie whitehead / Alex Elener

2016 Kodey Neesam / Demi Lee Winspear


Are you a previous winner? If so, please get in touch and let us know what happened to you after you left Stranton School