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Leadership Programmes

Our NPQ offer: Partnership with Ambition Institute

We have partnered with Ambition Institute through their national Alliance to deliver National Professional Qualifications (NPQs). You can find out more about Ambition Institute and this Alliance by visiting their website.

Ambition Institute are the NPQ licence holder and are accountable for all NPQ provision under the terms of their licence, including that provided by us as a member of this Alliance. As a provider of NPQs through this Alliance, we work closely with Ambition to ensure that we meet all of the necessary requirements and metrics as set out by the Department for Education and as per the terms of Ambition’s licence. This is to ensure the quality and consistency of these qualifications at a national level. You can find details of these requirements and metrics here, as well as current performance against them on Ambition’s website. As a partner we contribute to the overall performance of Ambition Institute against these requirements and metrics and so the performance data shared here is reflective of Ambition’s own NPQ provision, as well as that of each and all partners in their Alliance including ours, on aggregate.

As per the terms of this partnership Ambition Institute are responsible for:

  • Curriculum and content design and the provision of relevant resources for each session as set out in the curriculum and for the completion of each NPQ;
  • Participant registration with the Department for Education as well as submission and management of any scholarship applications;
  • Assessment of candidates including the recruitment, training and quality assurance of assessors;
  • Partner support and communication;
  • Quality assurance of all NPQ provision under their licence.

As the programme provider we are responsible for:

  • Recruitment and selection of participants;
  • Participant management (including management of participant related data), communication and support for the full duration of the NPQ (including all assessment related support);
  • Programme delivery including all logistics and facilitation;
  • Quality assurance of our provision.

The NPQs: An overview

NPQs are offered at each level: middle leadership (NPQML), senior leadership (NPQSL), headship (NPQH) and executive leadership (NPQEL).

Each NPQ – regardless of level – covers 7 leadership behaviours and 6 competencies:  

Leadership Behaviours

  • Commitment
  • Collaboration
  • Personal drive
  • Resilience
  • Awareness
  • Integrity
  • Respect


  • Strategy and Improvement
  • Leading with Impact
  • Teaching and Curriculum Excellence
  • Managing Resources and Risk
  • Working in Partnership
  • Building Capacity

In order to complete your chosen NPQ you will be required to

  • Attend all training sessions and any other requirements set out by the provider
  • Complete an in-school project and submit a write-up of this project (showing how, through completion of this project, you have evidenced the required competencies and behaviours).
  • This project must last for at least 2 terms.
  • The NPQML and NPQSL require completion of one project only, whilst the NPQH and NPQEL have require the completion of two projects.
  • For the NPQH one of these projects must be completed over a 9-day placement in a contrasting school.
  • You must submit your write-up and all evidence within 18months of the start of your programme.

To support you in the completion of your chosen NPQ our offer includes as standard:

  • Expert designed curriculum, content and resources which align to the required leadership behaviours and competencies;
  • 18 hours minimum of face-to-face, facilitated training delivered over at least 2 terms (but no more than 18months);
  • Two 360 reviews (at the beginning and end of the programme);
  • Option of a Viva;
  • A network of peers and relevant experts;
  • Assessment support and full assessment of your final submission;
  • Trained and quality assured facilitators of whom at least 50% are serving school leaders.

As a partner we are able to adapt our provision to suit participant need and local context, and so each partner’s programme may differ in certain ways:

  • Cohort size
  • Programme duration
  • Programme structure and components
  • Number of hours of each type of study
  • Dates, times and locations of training sessions
  • Eligibility and application process and timelines
  • Fee/cost of programme including assessment
  • Policies.

You can find out more about the general requirements of each NPQ here and via the relevant section of Ambition’s website.