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Stranton Primary School
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Extra Curricular Activities

At Stranton, we ensure that our pupils have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extra curricular activities during their time at school — from sport, music and drama to personal development and wellbeing. We believe that there are a whole range of benefits that come from involvement in these activities. Depending on the children’s interests, they may provide the chance to get outside and exercise, pursue a hobby, develop a passion or simply destress and refresh their mind. Being part of these groups or teams also provides a sense of belonging, with the extra curricular activities offering an opportunity for our children to interact and socialise with others with similar interests and potentially build friendships outside of their usual circle.

Below is a list of the after school clubs we offer our children throughout the year: 

  • Stranton Ninja Warriors 
  • Book Worms 
  • Let's Go Lego!
  • Creative Construction!
  • 'Sew' Much Fun!
  • Girls/Boys Football 
  • Quad Kids Multi-skills
  • Kwik Cricket 
  • Performing Arts 
  • Modelling Mayhem!


Click the link below to find out what After School Clubs are on offer this term... 

Autumn Term After School Clubs