Stranton Primary School

Stranton Primary School

"Only the best is good enough"

SEND Curriculum

We adopt a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs and interests of all pupils and promotes high levels of achievement, good behaviour and successful progression to the next stages of learning.

Stranton Primary is a fully inclusive school and we are passionate in our drive to ensure all pupils achieve their potential in all areas of school life. In 2009 we achieved the Hartlepool Inclusion Standard with distinction. In 2017 we achieved Parent Partnership Award with Distinction.

Meeting the needs of pupils with special educational needs are the responsibility of all teachers and teaching staff and their needs are usually met through a differentiated curriculum. The SENCO will support staff to meet these needs. We operate a graduated response to supporting all pupils including those with additional learning needs, the initial response being through Quality First Teaching. Further detail is included in our SEND Policy.

To view our SEND Provision Map please click on the click.

Pupil comments:

"Everyone has a talent to share"                    

"Be flexible about other people's feelings"

"Have green thoughts"                " Be hardworking"                      "Work as a team"

"I feel proud. I have worked really hard from this year to last year."  

"I will keep trying my best"


Parent comments:

"Greatly pleased and reassured to see the level of care and support he has received enabling him to grow"

"School is doing a good job supporting my daughter....  you are all a good team."

"My child has come on fantastic but still a bit to go . I can't thank the teachers enough."

"I am really pleased  how much my child has come on at Stranton. His academic and social development have really progressed this year. I am really proud of what a good and caring natured person he is growing into. He always quotes school values to me , his siblings and friends , encouraging us to be better people too."

"I am over the moon ... and loved hearing how much he has improved over the year and how well he fits in with the other kids."