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Early Career Teachers 

Stranton School welcomes applicants from teachers of all experience; however, we do realise the importance of providing effective support and CPD to our ECT's. 

Under the new statutory framework for ECT induction, all ECTs are entitled to induction, equivalent of 6 terms full time. Stranton Primary School will ensure that as part of ECT induction, ECTs will receive all of their entitlements as noted below:

  • A reduced timetable (10% reduction plus PPA time) in year one.
  • A reduced timetable (5% reduction plus PPA time) in year two.
  • A post that enables them to teach classes within the age range and subjects for which they have been trained
  • A suitably experienced ECT induction tutor who is adequately prepared for the role and will coordinate the ECF induction programme in school.
  • At least termly meetings with their induction tutor to review progress.
  • A suitably experienced ECT mentor who is adequately prepared for the role and will provide ongoing support for the ECT.
  • Meet weekly in the first year of induction and fortnightly in the second year of induction with their mentor.
  • Access to an ECF induction programme that commences from the beginning of the ECT’s employment in line with the statutory guidance (see pg. 3 for the induction programme chosen) and continues across the whole of the ECT’s induction within the school (two years if employed for that length of time)
  • Observe experienced colleagues teach.
  • Have their teaching observed by experienced colleagues at least once every half term, with at least three of these observations being carried out by the induction tutor.
  • Receive prompt constructive written as well as oral feedback on the observed teaching.
  • A formal review of the ECT’s progress and completion of an ECT induction report towards the end of each induction period (x2).
  • Procedures for ECTs to air grievances about their induction at school and a named person to contact at the Appropriate Body.

For further information, please consult our Early Career Teacher policy below. 

ECT Policy