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Assessment at Stranton

At Stranton Primary School, we believe that assessment should place the child at the centre of their learning and that it should raise achievement for all. We focus on the progress of each individual child. Assessment is not a singular activity; it is both about the measurement of performance at a given point in time and an ongoing process of gaining information to promote future learning. We believe that this process should be thorough, manageable and relevant. Accurate assessment recognises the skills, achievement and ability of all children and enables teachers to provide a personalised curriculum that drives learning, and ensures progress for all our pupils in order for them to master the curriculum.

At Stranton Primary School we have devised an assessment system that closely tracks children’s understanding of key objectives in reading, writing and maths. We assess in a variety of ways that allow teachers to gain an understanding of whether children have a sound grasp of a range of objectives and how to move their learning on.

In Stranton Primary School, we use the following Language of Assessment:




Working at a greater depth within the expected standard


Securely working at expected standard, with potential to achieve greater depth


Securely working at expected standard


Working at the expected standard with some support


Key Marginal – working towards the expected standard  


Not expected to achieve the expected standard

We provide opportunities to deepen children’s understanding of key objectives so they can master these and have the confidence to apply their knowledge to different subject areas.

Please take time to look at the objectives for your child’s year group in reading, writing and maths and if you have any questions about these, please contact the school to discuss how we can further support your child in achieving these objectives.

For further information on assessment at Stranton, please refer to our Assessment policy.  

Assessment Policy