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Additional Information

Please click here to view supporting materials from PAC UK.

Me & My World

This document provides a framework for adoptive families, children and young people to share important information about the child’s strengths, needs, triggers and support preferences.

Example Transition Plan and Strategies

Some children find change difficult. Adults can help support children manage change by scaffolding the process and supporting the child’s emotional well-being. The adults around the child may want to consider using a transition plan to help with the process.

Goodbyes & Transitions

We are often asked about activities and resources to help children say goodbye at key transition points. Here are some suggestions, which you can view here.

Reducing Trip Trauma

We know that school trips can sometimes feel dysregulating for children. Here are some ways families and professionals have shared with us which can help.


Here is a list of suggested reading about adopted children’s educational needs for schools, families, education and social care professionals. You can download this here.

Adoption UK Education Resources

This page includes a range of resources and training designed to make education a successful environment for children who have suffered early trauma, neglect or abuse.